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Amidst the pandemic, senior secondary results have been announced in India and many other countries. This is the time when a lot of students are deciding upon the options of the field they should choose to build their career. Some are quite fortunate, with family back-up and direction or strong aptitude & interest in a particular field and hence pursue their choices to become successful individuals. Whereas there is always a majority left, who get swayed by their peers, or the pressure from the family to choose typical studies in engineering, doctorate, business management etc. Though the time has changed manifolds; today there is a plethora of options available to choose the course most suited to an individual and, even the parents are more open to professional courses, still most of the students pursuing the courses in colleges are just completing their degree without having much of an idea where this completion would lead them in making their career. By merely attending the classes and targeting the attendance, which is the protocol to appear in the exams, and having no goal associated with the education they are being imparted, the students are actually dilly-dallying their valuable time which I would call as the "Golden Years" of their life and if not capitalised well, might result in future incompetence and a life with compromises.

Building a successful career is not just something which will happen on its own, until you are blessed with that Midas touch! In fact, we need to plan and work upon the opportunities that come our way.

So here are a few tips that I would like to share with our readers, hoping it would help you or someone you love in shaping the career:

  1. Career planning should start from the time you are subjected to choosing your mainstream.

  2. Aptitude, interest and personality must be taken into account while selecting the streams. Parents and the student must do their homework before finalising the stream, with respect to the career options to an extent of self-sustainability, considering the current scenario and future such possibilities.

  3. I am sure, most of us would agree to the fact that it is more important to develop mental peace and improved lifestyle instead of following the rat race. It's high time that we inculcate the theory of well-being before anything else.

  4. For those who are already working, there is always of possibility of loosing interest in one's work/ job/ business and being more attracted to another field. There is nothing wrong in switching fields, however, if that is happening frequently, then probably it's important to reflect and understand your interest and apply practical approach to reach the conclusion. Ask yourself the favourite six Qs- What, When, Where, Whom, Why & How?

  5. Last but not the least, "Stick to it". It takes patience and perseverance to reap success. Don't forget to seek frequent feedback on your performance and working style from your circle of trust.

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