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We aim to partner in your journey to success.

Our way of working is based on an eclectic ideology-

better today than tomorrow, disruptive thinking, self-belief & deliberate practice.



Founded by Smriti Bharti, Kaizen Global Life Academy shares a vision to develop individuals and build high performance work teams aiming at personal & organisational excellence. 


Smriti is a seasoned professional with an experience of over 17 years in training & organisation development, HR & recruitment, people management, hospitality, retail, sales, operations & marketing.

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Determination, dedication and zeal is what defines her and are the core values of Kaizen Global Life Academy. Her abilities to provide useful insights inspire people in achieving their goals and delivering their best. 


Certified in Counselling Psychology, she beautifully blends individuals' skills and competencies with their personality traits to create self-awareness and resultant self-development. 

Our key focus areas to drive our vision in making this world a better place are:

- Expanding learning through Outbound Experiential Training Programs for entry/ middle and senior levels of the organisations

- Driving customer service and operations excellence in retail and last mile delivery channels

- Facilitating Training Programs for the educationists for the benefit of the society as a whole

About Us

"An electrifying workshop by Smriti, truly mind blowing.

It not only gave a platform for the audience to participate in the activities but would go a long way to enliven the lives of each and every teacher who were part of it.   

Such realistic activities can truly be a great facilitator to realise the audience, the kind of energy they possess and the creative ways which can make an upheaval in the education infrastructure in the system. Common sense activities which can really bring the best out of children troubled with heaps of books. 

I am sure her workshops will have a major impact to influence the lives of people of all walks of life. 

A must for all ages to discover a new " YOU". Wishing you all the very  best for all your future endeavours.


      - Col. Rajeev Verma


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