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Empty Road


EXPRESSIONS/ Building Successful Career/ Aug-Sep 2020

By Dr. Soma Dutta

“Two roads diverged in a yellow road,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth.”

As I have lifted up my pen to write about my views on ‘Building a Successful Career’ the beautiful lines of the poem ‘The Road not Taken’ by Robert Frost is coming to my mind. As the poet could not travel on both the roads, at the same time, he had to choose one. The roads in this poem are symbolic to career options. The poet’s decision was correct; he had chosen the correct career option.

Whether we will become successful in life or not, depends on our right career choice. Career is a profession for which we train or prepare ourselves, we dream of aspiring for a longer period of our life. It has been observed that our career choice largely depends on the wishes of our parents and the education imparted

at school. But, in my opinion everybody should have a free choice to select a career.



Right Age for Thinking about Career:

In our country and may be in all other countries of the world, the most common question asked to the children is “What would you like to be after growing up?” They give the answer expressing their wishes to be Doctors, Engineers, C.A., Pilots, Ministers, Actors/ Actresses, Teachers etc. Sometimes very innocently they express their wishes to become

Rickshaw Pullers, Drivers, Shopkeepers, and Street Vendors etc. At that tender age children do not understand which profession will be the best for them and their answers are based on their favourite persons whom they accept as their role models. Parents and relatives are amused to listen to their wishes... But at that innocent stage of life, children should

never be forced or insisted upon preparing themselves for taking any particular profession as their career.


Childhood is the time for growing up freely, naturally, without any tension or pressure. That is the time for instilling value in the tender minds. When the children are at the Secondary or Senior Secondary level of School, they can develop some ideas about the right career for them. The choice should be left to them instead of burdening them with the choice of the

parents or somebody else.

How to Choose a Career?

There are a few criteria for choosing a career. These are – Liking or Passion, Market Value, Scope for the implementation of the values acquired during the foundation period, Job Satisfaction, Personality Growth, Career Growth etc. There are different sectors or fields of career. These are Medical field, Technology sectors, Financial services, Education Arena, Business Services Jobs, Sales Jobs, Consulting Jobs, Hobby related Professions, Administrative Services, Law and Judiciary related Services, Electronics and Computer related Services, Science and Researches, Para – Medical Services, Hotel Industry, Journalism and Mass Communication, Fields of Sports and Fine Arts, Adventure Sports and many other lesser known fields.


In order to choose a career one has to assess self – Who is the person right at that moment? What is the capability and efficiency level of the person? etc. One is required to build a list of careers about which one wishes to learn more. A list of top 2 – 5 career choice should be created. One has to think about short term and long term goals. One has to decide whether to opt for a job or become self dependent and create jobs for others.

How To Pursue A Career?

Once a person decides which career he or she will take up, the most important thing is to prepare oneself for the same. Proper Education related to that career should be received. Mentally and physically one has to be ready for accepting the responsibilities related to that profession. After starting the career of a person’s choice, he / she may not get the desired outcome immediately. One should have the patience and continue without giving up. Hard work never goes unnoticed and a Rolling Stone gathers no moss – these two lessons of life must always be remembered. Patience, Perseverance, Skill, Strong Determination, Honest Approach, Concentration, Passion, Fitness and Healthy Body and Mind – all these are required for a successful career.


Frequently changing mind and decision, losing interest and hope, getting confused due to different contradictory advice from different people, failure to assess the importance of a particular career etc., are the hindrances on the way of pursuing a suitable career.



Younger Generation and Career:

In any country, the younger generations are the backbone of the society. Development of a country depends on their attitude, mindset, decisions and actions. Younger generations should not be selfish, self centered and money minded. Money is definitely required for a comfortable life of high standard. But money can never purchase peace and happiness. Right choice of career leads to happiness and peace, not only for an individual but also for the whole family.


Swami Vivekananda said – “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life. Think of it, dream of it. Live on that idea. Let the brain muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea. And just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

According to Albert Einstein – “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to any people or things." Younger generations should remember that a little progress each day adds up to big result. The constructive power within them is stronger than their weaknesses. It is not what they achieve; it’s what they overcome that defines their career.


Abraham Lincoln said – “The best way to predict future is to create it.”

We all know how many times he failed to achieve his goal but he didn’t give up and ultimately he succeeded.


If we study the biography of great men, we will find that their career was not only for them or their family members but for the whole society, country and even the whole world. This is a lesson for the younger generations. Their career should pave the way for the construction and development of the society, country and the whole world. Desire and dream can help one to reach his destination and hard work makes the ground stronger on which he stands. The ambitious, energetic, exuberant, enthusiastic younger generation should aspire for careers in the fields of Defense, Scientific Researches, modern technologies, creative and constructive work, Journalism, Law and Order, Administration, Medical fields, Education etc. so that they can serve the country and build up a new Nation.


It is not possible for a person to do everything. But he / she can do something to bring about positive changes through his or her work. In the words of Helen Keller- “I cannot do everything, but I can do something. I must not fail to do the something that I can do.”


A mind troubled by doubts cannot focus on any good work. Youth is the time to overcome all doubts. If anyone has never made a mistake, he has never tried. Life is an experiment. If a person is too timid and squeamish about actions, he will never be successful in his career. Reputation can be built upon actions which lead to success. Right career choice and dedicated work gives identity, dignity and respect to a person. 


Now a days there are Career Counsellors to advise the students about pursuing suitable careers. That may help them to get motivated; but self motivation ignites the spark to start working towards the desired goal. At the end of the day one should feel proud of the work done for the benefit of the society, not for the money earned. The truth is that our first moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. We should never lose our faith, trust and confidence and continue to work.

Stone Tower

Power of Motivation

We can know about the life and work of great men from their Biographies and Autobiographies. Their stories motivate us to work towards our goal, following their foot prints. Sometimes simple, ordinary people also can motivate others, particularly the younger generations. Here, I would like to share my life story in brief. 

I was born in 1958; at that time girls and women were not much encouraged to pursue their career. I got married at the age of Nineteen and my first child was born when I was only Twenty. Except my husband, nobody encouraged me to continue with my studies. I had strong determination to complete my studies and stand on my own feet. This determination helped me to complete my Masters Degree, B.Ed., M.Phil., P.G.J.M.C. and Ph.D., inspite of various challenges of life. My husband’s job was transferrable and we had to frequently shift from one State to another with our children. 


I was quite late in joining service; at the age of Thirty five I joined a reputed school as a Primary Teacher. But after that there was no looking back. Due to my confidence, hard work, determination, dedication , honest and systematic approach towards work, I could come into the notice of the Management and the parents of the students and at the same time I succeeded in winning the love of the students. One after another many responsibilities were given  to me, which I accepted with  a smiling face. I accepted them as the stepping stones towards my goal, which is, becoming the Principal of a school. I tried my hand in writing and composing poems and achieved success in this field also. My Eleven books have been published and in many journals and magazines also my stories, articles and poems have been published. My dream was to promote Literature, Art , Culture etc. and provide platforms to the talented children and grown-ups in these fields. I am successful in achieving my dream and as the Founder of a Registered N.P.O. – PGF World Literary and Cultural Foundation, I have been providing with the opportunity to many talented persons and children to exhibit their talents.


It was not an easy path and life was full of challenges. But one truth I had realized that is “ God helps those who help themselves.”If we can risk something in life and come out of our comfort zones, , then only our dreams will be fulfilled. After crossing many hurdles one after another, ultimately I became the Principal of a reputed school. 


Throughout my career, I enjoyed work and never gave up at the difficult moments. Hence, from my experience I can say – Choose your own career and work sincerely for your career growth. Wanting to be someone else just for money is a waste of the person you are.




If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Your future is in your hands and a secured career belongs to those who believe in their dreams.


“With faith and hope and love sublime

I’ll fight with might and main,

Onward, lifting as I climb

To reach the highest plane.”

                                   Ruby Wallace

At the end, I would like to say, it is never too late to be what you always wanted to be. Have faith in yourself and move forward towards your goal. Victory will be yours.

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